Websites & Interactive

Responsive Design - From $2,000

A website is often a brand’s first and most meaningful point of interaction with its audience. We create websites and eCommerce solutions that deliver a powerful first impression.

Our web development includes:

  • Fully branded web pages including typography, colors, and imagery.
  • Custom CSS features to enhance design.
  • Contact and newsletter form design.
  • Branded informational footer design.
  • Domain connection.
  • All content will be optimized for both computer, tablet and mobile viewing.
  • All pages of your choosing will be edited for information architecture.
  • Content will be evaluated for keyword usage and suggestions will be given.

1 : 1 personal Zoom training on how to use your website and recorded session delivered to you for future use.

Graphic Design & Marketing

Brand Management - From $500

With sound strategy, bold thinking and award-winning creative, we deliver digital/marketing campaigns that break through the noise and connect with customers.

For this, we will show how to:

  • Outline your brand purpose.
  • Identify your target audience and their needs.
  • State how your brand differentiates itself from competitors.
  • Design a complete and comprehensive visual identity that reflects your brand (identify your purpose, vision, mission, and values.)

Brand strategy & Identity

Graphics Design - From $700

We make unique, stunning, creative designs for individual/company logos, artwork, stationery, the web, and social media.

Once our work is done, this is what we will have for you:

  • 3 Logos: Primary Logo & Secondary Logo, & Submark Logo
  • A Full PDF Brand Guideline for your company showing how to use your logos.
  • Brand typography choices for headers and body text.
  • A list of your brand colors in Hex formats.
  • Logo variation options including various color choices.
  • Deliverable File Types include:
    – High-quality PNGs (300ppi, print)
    – Low-Quality PNGs (72 ppi, web)
    – ESP files (vectors)
    – PDF files (for printing)

Social Media Management

Get Social - From $350

Come on, tell your story in a fun and creative way!

Let us help you:

  • Do a social media audit - choose social media marketing goals that align with business objectives.
  • Set up accounts and improve profiles (and also look for impostor accounts).
  • Create a social media content calendar - set up a posting schedule and determine the right content mix.
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